direct mail

get into the hands of your customers.

Direct mail is an effective way to reach current and prospective customers. It’s tangible, and timely, and can be measured, personalised and targeted.

With 99% of consumers opening mail that’s addressed to them, it’s a sure fire way to get into the hands of your customers.

Printcraft is an Australia Post accredited mail house with plastic wrapping, envelope insertion, and self mailer capabilities. Talk to the experts when considering your next direct mail campaign.

read all about it

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cut through the letterbox clutter

Find out how a tactile mail piece can engage our senses, and cut through the letterbox clutter.

how direct mail stacks up.

Customers respond better to printed material! It’s tactile, it’s kept and shared, it can be made personal and most importantly it’s an underutalised part of today’s marketing mix.


99% of people open mail addressed to them


60% read it thorouglhly


54% of people keep it for later reference

stand out from your letterbox pals.

Our letterboxes can be an extremely busy place. Bills, advertising and an array of direct mail all vying for our limited attention. Sure, there are rules and formulas to improve your response rate, but how do you actually make it past the recycling bin and to a point where your customer is even considering your offer?

How about, plain and simple, being different? We hear that different is good, and generally that’s the case when it comes to standing out amongst the letterbox clutter, whether that be through size, colour, feel or packaging. According to Rick Carango of Schubert Communications, if your mail looks important or at least unusual, then it’s more likely to get a second glance and make it past the ‘gatekeeper’.

The physical attributes of a direct mail piece, such as thickness, shape, texture, folds and corners, all help the brain form a mental map of the message. The more sensory the piece, the stronger the imprint created on the memory, and the more value the individual places on it. That’s why a lot of marketers are turning to ink colours, laminates and special finishes to stand out in this cluttered letterbox market.

Contact us below to chat futher about options to help your Direct Mail stand out.

make it personal

Mail comes in all shapes, sizes and even smells. What better way to stand out from the crowd. Research has demonstrated that peoples’ attraction to shape, layout and paper quality drives stronger emotion associations with the brand and offer.

FINALLY, it’s good to be different!

share and share alike

Known as the Endowment Effect, if your own an item, you’re more likely to value and keep it, giving mail the tactile advantage.

We’re also more likely to share these items, with an average of 21% of all promotions and special offers shared with household and family members.

a multichannel solution

Just like dieting, a high consumption of only one medium will never be successful, but mail certainly has its place in a healthy, balanced marketing mix. Try adding a personalised URL as the call to action and directly measure the results of the campaign.

plastic wrapping

show em what you’ve got

Plastic lets you show the world your product, and flysheets provide extra real estate to place subscription and renewal information.

keep it a secret

Envelopes creat and element of secrecy and surprise, and if personally addressed with achieve a 99% open rate. Don’t miss the opportunity to add colour and design to this often serious outer carrier.
self mailer

dare to be different

On design alone, self mailers often achieve better cut through rates than their traditional direct mail packs. Why not give this unique option a try?

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