Despite the ever increasing number of communication channels thrown at us, consumers still have a preference for receiving marketing information in a tangible form.

So it makes sense to use mail as your number one communication source! And better still, to have the experts to guide you.

If you’re unfamiliar with mail, planning a direct marketing campaign can be a daunting experience. Getting us involved from the start will guide you to the best use of your marketing dollar.

With the capacity to segment your data, and produce direct mail campaigns that are highly personalised and targeted, Printcraft offers a one stop shop to engage and communicate with your customers.

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In this interactive age when everyone is blogging, updating social networks and watching YouTube, what makes direct mail such an effective cut through medium?

To answer, ask yourself this : when did you last discard mail that was personally addressed to you without first opening it? According to the stats, that’s only 1 percent of consumers – so the other 99% of us are opening and potentially engaging with this powerful marketing medium.

It’s a simple equation. Direct mail is tangible, personal, targeted, timely and measurable. What’s more, 54% of us keep it for later reference.

Remember, it’s not only the outer carrier that can be personalised. Copy, even images, can be customised to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns, not to mention increase your response rates by up to 30%!

But get it wrong and direct mail could cost you a bomb in postage, production and lost opportunities. Get it right and this tool could become the star of your campaign. Working with Printcraft mail ensures a seamless flow from planning to execution to analysis.

Start with your objective and goals, define your target audience, then create an offer and compelling call to action. Agree on a budget, measurement and evaluation tools and set a timely execution date. Then you can marry up captivating design with engaging copy.

It sounds overwhelming, but with help from the experts it won’t be.


Envelope or plastic?

The outer carrier of your mail pack can make a statement about the piece you’re sending, so never disregard the importance of which one you choose.

And with postage prices on the rise, it’s important to make your message count.

Envelopes help create an element of secrecy and if they’re personally addressed will achieve a 99% open rate. Great odds for any direct mail campaign! On the flip side envelopes also provide the opportunity for colour and additional advertising. This will create an even more engaging carrier and cut through the mail box clutter.

Plastic on the other hand, lets you show the world your product and flysheets provide extra real estate to place subscription renewals or sales information. And plastic wrapping your unaddressed mail or letterbox drop collateral will also increase your open and response rate.

But sometimes it’s not just all about show. With the ever increasing price of postage it’s also important to consider which carrier will be most economical and achieve the best bang for your marketing buck.

If you’re confused, the experts at Printcraft are always here to help with those tricky questions on postage, carriers and response rates.

mail processing


Imagine putting months of hard work into a marketing campaign, and then sending it out to the wrong people? That’s unfortunately what often happens when marketers take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their campaigns and then wonder why the response rates are poor.

For those lucky enough to have up to date customer data, it’s like finding your very own ‘pot of gold’. Effectively using it to create personalised and targeted marketing campaigns however, is a whole other story.

Printcraft are the data experts.

If you don’t have it, they’ll help you collect it. If you do have it, then they’ll help you better understand the buying habits of your existing customers and how to successfully engage them. And as consumers today become more over-saturated with information, the key to a successful campaign is making content relevant, and making it personal.

With all this revolving around what you know about your customers, it makes sense that collecting, segmenting and utilising up to date data will become a high priority, opening up a whole world of opportunities and success.

mail processing

custom mailer

A self mailer is a postal item sent without an envelope.

With glue, folds and a little ingenuity, a mailing piece is printed, personalised and finished so the document does not require an external carrier. But delve a little deeper and you’ll discover that self mailers can also be used as an effective integrated communication tool, replacing the traditional direct marketing pack of a brochure, letter, return envelope and outer carrier.

Options can also include perforated coupons, unique bar codes and numbers, personalisation and the automated attachment of cards and passes.

On design alone, even non-personalised self mailers attract more attention and gain a better response rate than the usual direct marketing pack.

It’s the only way to make your postage dollar count.

But just remember, self-mailers are a specialised item – so production requires trained staff and specific equipment. In fact, Printcraft is the only Brisbane supplier with all of these resources on hand.

Don’t you think it’s time to be a little bit different?