Mail processing


Often a confusing term, mail process refers to the sorting and preparation of postage data; printing and preparing of the envelope, flysheet or address carrier; packaging and sealing the mail to Australia Post standards; and finally the physical lodgement of items and paperwork into the mail system.

A lot more involved than stuffing envelopes! That’s why bulk mail processing is best left to the experts. We’ll get you the best postage rates, and ensure your items meet the rigid Australia Post standards.

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cut through the letterbox clutter

Find out how a tactile mail piece can engage our senses, and cut through the letterbox clutter.

Our Story

printcraft mail

It seemed like a natural compliment to our already successful offset and digital print divisions.
Matt Naughton, General Manager

Eight years later, Printcraft Mail is a booming with the right team, equipment and experience behind us. Now Australia Post accedited, it’s the prefect little brother to the family.

    plastic wrapping

    show em what you’ve got

    Plastic lets you show the world your product, and flysheets provide extra real estate to place subscription and renewal information.


    keep it a secret

    Envelopes creat and element of secrecy and surprise, and if personally addressed with achieve a 99% open rate. Don’t miss the opportunity to add colour and design to this often serious outer carrier.

    self mailer

    dare to be different

    On design alone, self mailers often achieve better cut through rates than their traditional direct mail packs. Why not give this unique option a try?

    mail, still an important part of the marketing mix.

    Customers respond better to printed material! It’s tactile, it’s kept and shared, it can be made personal and most importantly it’s an underutalised part of today’s marketing mix.


    99% of people open mail addressed to them


    54% of people keep mail for later reference


    What mail carriers do you specialise in?
    Printcraft have both plastic wrapping and envelope inserting capabilities. We also have a machine to produce ‘self mailers’.
    do you offer trading accounts?
    Yes. 30 day trading accounts require the submission of an application, including current trade references. Contact us for more details..
    We prefer to lodge on your Australia Post account and for you to handle the bill directly. If you do not have and Australia Post account we can lodge on ours, however this amount will need to be paid upfront.
    why would i use a mailing house?
    Often people ask this question. Obviously we take the grief out of preparing and lodging your mail, but you’re more likely to receive a better postage discount by using the correct data sorts and packing and labelling to the strict Australia Post specifications.
    do i need to understand postage?
    We’re here to help you get the best postage rate possible. So whether that’s presort, print post or promo mail we’ll guide you towards the best solution for your needs. We’ll even help you fill out any of the necessary paperwork.

    why mail still works!

    According to the states, 99% of us open mail addressed to us, and 54% of this mail is kept for later reference.

    Mail is tangible, personal, targeted, timely and measurable – but get it wrong and mail could cost you a bomb in postage, production and lost opportunity costs.

    Talk to the experts about how to get the best bang for you postage buck.


    Printcraft boasts equipment so new you can fix your hair in the reflection. Take a look at our offse equipment list and capacity.


    Want to automate? It’s easy with our custom built Web2Print platform PIVOT.
    Take PIVOT for a demo drive.

    custom mailer

    Not sure how to bind your document? Different methods of binding and when they’re most suitable.


    Use data to personalise and target your mail. It’s your very own marketing ‘pot of gold’

    direct mail

    Find out why direct mail is still a successful marketing channel and how to stand out from the crowd.

    pivot circle

    Make your multichannel communications work harder by adding triggers and rules.

    a multichannel solution

    Just like dieting, a high consumption of only one medium will never be successful, but mail certainly has its place in a healthy, balanced marketing mix. Try adding a personalised URL as the call to action and directly measure the results of the campaign.

    make it personal

    Mail comes in all shapes, sizes and even smells. What better way to stand out from the crowd. Research has demonstrated that peoples’ attraction to shape, layout and paper quality drives stronger emotion associations with the brand and offer.

    FINALLY, it’s good to be different!

    share and share alike

    Known as the Endowment Effect, if your own an item, you’re more likely to value and keep it, giving mail the tactile advantage.

    We’re also more likely to share these items, with an average of 21% of all promotions and special offers shared with household and family members.

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