what can it do?

Here are some of the unique features that can be produced efficiently on a flexomailer.


No need to include a return envelope or a response mechanism, self mailers are all these components rolled into one.

personalise it

Personalise your mailer with unique codes and vouchers, not to mention the variable address details of your recipients.


Step outside the box and fold your brochures a little differently. You’ll be surprised at what can be achieved on this piece of equipment.


A custom, or self mailer, is a postal item without an envelope.

With glue, folds and a little ingenuity, a mailing piece is printed, personalised and finished so the document does not require an external carrier.

Self mailers are an effective communication tool, replacing the traditional direct marketing pack including a brochure, letter, return envelope and outer carrier.

On design alone, even non-personalised self mailers attract more attention and gain a better response rate.

It’s time to make your postage dollar really count.



build your own custom mailer

printcraft bunny mailer custom mailer

Pull A Rabbit From My Hat

Printcraft’s own self promo piece. Fondly called the ‘bunny mailer’ around the halls it was used as an acquisition piece.

A Day on the Green

An integrated mailer and response mechanism to promote this now iconic event.

day on the green custom mailer
Q Super custom mailer printcraft

Pull Back the Curtain

A cleverly folded and glued self mailer for Q Super.


Will you help with the design of my custom mailer?

We’re happy to help with the technical side of the design. We can supply samples of previous work and also consult our expert production team on how best to achieve your desired result. The creative is then over to you.

How do i supply artwork?

With multiple variable fields and often the need for glue, peforation and folding allowances we recommend supplying the packaged native files for custom mailers. This give us the flexibily to make minor production tweaks when necessary.

what about the australia post requirements?

We’re here to ensure the entire process is a seamless one, which includes any requirements for Australia Post.  If you have any questions about postage rates or sizing requirements, please don’t hesistate to ask one of our team. We’ll make sure all of the technical items are covered.

how long to these items take to produce?

Depending on the complexity and size of the item, custom mailers can add up to a week additional in production time for the finishing alone. Start with your desired mailing date and map out a schedule with your Account Manager. This will give you plenty of time to meet artwork and data requirements. 

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