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Printcraft's Christmas logo with each letter decorated like a gingerbread biscuit


Christmas Direct Mail Campaign

This Christmas we sent all of our clients a Gingerbread House Activity in the form of a DL sized Letterbox Campaign. 

Every Printcraft client who constructs the Gingerbread House activity and sends a photo to their account manager will receive a single delicious Gingerbread Man and automatically enter the competition to win this amazing Gingerbread House!... just wait until you see what's inside!!!

The most creative Gingerbread House photo wins, so get your creative juices doughing!

Read more about this campaign and see competition entries below...

Win a Gingerbread House Direct Mail Campaign - Direct Mail Campaign Ideas
The inside is amazing!
Printcraft Christmas Marketing Campaign Logo

Check out our clients entries!

 The most creative photo wins the Gingerbread House! 

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Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.43.24 pm.png

The Campaign 

Princraft Christmas Direct Mail Campaign

For Easter 2021 we mailed Bunny Box Activities to all of our client's letterboxes. If they constructed the Bunny Box and sent us a photo, we then visited to fill up their boxes with easter eggs! It was such a popular and engaging campaign that we decided to do something similar for Christmas!

The Easter Bunny Campaign was a DL Direct Mail piece, die-cut, perforated, pre-creased, personalised and laminated. For Christmas, we decided to inspire our clients with a creative letterbox activity on a slightly smaller budget. The Gingerbread Campaign is a simple cut and glue activity printed in high-quality, personalised and sent as cost-effective DL size.

 Read more about these two campaigns and how you can save time and money to create your own... 

Untitled design.png
The Campaign

The Activity 

This Direct Mail Activity is a cost-effective way to engage your audience with an interactive, personalised, tangible and fun brand experience. Are you a Printcraft client who received one? See below for how to construct your Gingerbread House activity, claim your Gingerbread man and enter to win the big Gingerbread House to share with your team or family!

Image showing the Gingerbread activity being cut out by hand with scissors

1. Cut the Gingerbread House out following the black outline. Optionally flip over to colour in your Gingerbread House first.

Roof Piece.jpeg

5. Push the plain brown roof pieces inwards so that the decorated roof pieces meet together, flat. This is why step 2 is important.


2. Pre-crease along all of the dashed purple lines. Particularly the triangle of the plain brown roof panels which will help in step 5.


6. Now its time to glue the tab “Glue B” and delicately slide it into the roof panels.


3. Apply glue to “A” and gate fold the house to stick the walls together. (Don’t Glue “Glue B” yet until step 7).

An image showing the gingerbread activity being squeezed so that the house shape forms from flat

4. Gently put pressure on the walls to pop out the sides, and fold the tabs of the base in to form the box shape.

A constructed Gingerbread house on a while background. Says "Merry Christmas from Printcraft"

7. Snap a creative pic of your finished Gingerbread House and send it to your Account Manager. Their details are on the bottom of your new house! Your Account Manager will arrange to deliver or send a delicious Gingerbread Man to you and you will go into the draw to WIN the Gingerbread House!

 Want to create a Direct Mail Letterbox Marketing Campaign like this one? 
We offer  free  downloadable InDesign templates and Keylines to get you started, save time and money. Plus, if you print your Marketing Campaign with Printcraft, the use of the Die-Knife if free. That's a saving of up to $600!

Gingerbread house made by Brisbane Small Business The Little Gingerbread Cottage

The House 

Crafted by Australian, Local Small Businesses

The most creative photo of a constructed Gingerbread house submitted will be chosen by our team on Wednesday 15th December 2021. All photos submitted will receive a delicious Gingerbread Man also made by Brisbane small business, The Little Gingerbread Cottage or if you're a Printcraft Client in Sydney your Gingerbread goodies are crafted by That Gingerbread Place.

Not only is this Gingerbread House beautifully decorated on the outside, but the inside too and if you win it, you will be blown away!

So, get your creative juices doughing and submit your gingerbread house photo for a chance to share this with your team or family. 

A real gingerbread house next to a constructed Gingerbread Activity showing the size of the real one

The Entries 

Our Gingerbread Direct Mail Campaign was despatched during the last week of November. From the first week of December, our wonderful Printcraft clients started to send creative photo submissions to their account managers. There were so many creative, fun entries and our staff had a wonderful time voting for their favourites. View all submissions below...


And the winner of our Gingerbread House Direct Mail campaign competition was Amy from Ready Bake! Amy went all out, decorating her personalised mail piece with an Aussie beach theme, complete with togs, sunnies and beach ball. Our staff loved it! 

Congratulations Amy. We hope you enjoy breaking the delicious house open with your team. 

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