Our letterboxes can be an extremely busy place these days. Bills, advertising and an array of direct mail all vying for our limited attention. Sure, there are formulas and rules to improving your response rate, but how do you actually make it past the recycling bin and to a point where your consumer is even considering your offer?

How about, plain and simple, being different? We hear that different is good, and generally that’s the case when it comes to standing out amongst the letterbox clutter, whether that be through size, colour, feel or packaging. According to Rich Carango of Schubert Communications, if your mail looks important or at least unusual, then it’s more likely to get a second glance and make it past the ‘gatekeeper’. *

The physical attributes of a direct mail piece, such as thickness, shape, texture, folds and corners, all help the brain form a mental map of the message.* The more sensory the piece, the stronger the imprint created on the memory, and the more value the individual places on it. *

That’s why a lot of direct marketers are turning to ink colours, laminates and special finishes to stand out in this cluttered letterbox market. Take a look at this striking invitation from the Museum of Brisbane promoting their recent Sit, Pose, Snap Exhibition. The A5 size makes it larger than the usual mail, but it’s the unique black cover with subtle raised varnish that really gives this piece a touch of class. Catching the light, the varnish is elegant but tactile, sitting on top of a silky satin laminate. All the right combinations to leave a strong impact on the recipients, and by all reports responses to the opening night were strong.

For more information on digital raised varnish contact us at Printcraft, or request a sample pack at printcraft.com.au/whiteandclear.  

Museum of Brisbane Invitation