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Aussies love receiving catalogues and mail in their letterbox. It’s tactile, targeted and the latest Roy Morgan research shows this tried and tested medium is holding its own against other channels.

So while we’re all absorbed with digital, here are just a few reasons why letterbox marketing is such an effective marketing tool.

Letterbox volumes have decreased in recent years making your marketing piece more likely to stand out;

Mail is targeted, so you can design the piece to suit your audience;

Recipients feel like addressed mail is personally directed towards them;

When letterbox marketing is opened, the recipient is considering your message only.

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Work with our expert team to create the perfect campaign for your product or brand. Engage customers with copy and design. Target the right geographic locations. Measure and reap the rewards.

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Design for maximum impact and cut through. Letterbox marketing is a competitive channel, so let our expert team of designers guide you on the best way to represent your brand and increase the response to your offer.

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Whether you’re targeting a suburb, a city, on an entire state, Printrcraft offers offers the right print solution for your campaign.

READ MORE about how size, colour, even smell can help your direct marketing piece stand out from the crowd.

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Distribute to suit your brand, product and campaign. Catering for business to business, or business to consumer campaigns we service both addressed and unaddressed letterbox marketing.

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Measure the success of your letterbox marketing by including a landing page in your campaign. Exchange your voucher, discount or information for the contact details of potential new customers.

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Often it’s easier and more cost effective for us manage the entire project on your behalf, from design to print, distribution and data capture.

Check out our packages and discuss the options with our letterbox marketing experts.

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Often it’s easier and more cost effective for us manage the entire project on your behalf, from design to print, distribution and data capture.

Check out our packages and discuss the options with out letterbox marketing experts.







what distribution options can you provide?

We provide business to business distribution solutions through Australia Post, and business to consumer distribution solutions through letterbox walkers and Australia Post 

How does a landing page work?

Landing pages are an opportunity to capture more information about your prospect. The more you know about them, the more relevant your marketing can become. The end game is to turn your prospect into a loyal customer and advocate of your brand, product or service.

How do i build a letterbox campaign?

With the help of our experts, you can create a successful letterbox marketing campaign for your brand or product. We’ll help you target the location, build the creative and call to action, execute the distribution, even measure the results. Contact us now for an obligation free quote.

is letterbox marketing successful?

With numbers decreasing, now is the right time to capitalise on letterbox marketing. What’s commonly referred to as ‘junk mail’ is actually read by 58% of households. Did you know that a staggering 8.1 million of us prefer to read the Aldi catalogue over the newspaper? Check out some of our content below on why letterbox marketing is a successful and often underutilised channel.

Letterbox marketing can often be overwhelming, so here are a few common enquiries.

For all of those other niggling questions, quotes or just free friendly advice, contact us below. We’re happy to help.


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here’s why letterbox marketing works.

Did you know that direct mail ranks far stronger than digital channels, sometimes as high 5% increase on response rates?

With letterbox marketing remaining in the home for an average of 38 days, the message is making its getting through.


58% are reading unaddressed mail


81% of australians are reading mail weekly

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