With postage prices constantly on the rise it’s no wonder marketers are questioning the inclusion of direct mail in their campaigns. But despite the challenges, statistics for DM show consistently higher open and response rates over any other medium. It seems Australians continue to prefer it as the medium of choice for marketing collateral, catalogues and newsletters from brands they already have a relationship with.

So with DM capable of getting the right results, how do you ensure the best bang for your buck? Here are just a few ways to get a better response rate and make you marketing dollar work.

Personalisation – if you have access to customer data it’s vital that you use it to personalise the copy, even the images, on your piece. Customising your direct mail piece can boost your response rate by a whopping 30%. Well worth the effort.

Relevant and engaging copy that’s easy to follow – this one speaks for itself. Copy and creative targeted towards the Gen Y market is unlikely to appeal to a post 70 audience. Even the subtle nuances between copy written for a male vrs female audience can impact your returns.

Timeliness – are we that interested in shopping for winter clothes when the temperature outside is a scorching 40 degrees? The timeliness of DM campaigns is often one under considered by many marketers and can be significantly affected by everything from school and public holidays, down to the number of days before the offer expires. The only way to get it consistently right .. test, test, test.

Make it multi-channel – today there is a significant overlap between digital and print marketing, and with 42% of recipients preferring to respond online, it’s not uncommon to be redirected from a tangible direct mail piece via QR code or URL. The beauty here is analytics now kicks in to give you more accurate numbers on the response.

Have a clear call to action – unless you’re simply doing a branding exercise, consumers need to know what you want them to do. Make your call to action clear, concise and easy to use. If you want your recipients to buy, response, vote, or enter .. tell them that.

Test, test, test – did we say that enough? While we can give you the guidelines, it’s still imperative to run A/B testing with any campaign to see what does and doesn’t work. If you don’t you’ll be scratching your head as to why your direct mailer was successful .. or not!

Track the results – it might seem an obvious thing to say, but many campaigns lack a proper post analysis. Hand in hand with testing, it’s the only way you’re going to know what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

With so much to consider it’s often easier to call in the big guns to manage your campaigns. The team at Stand + Deliver have the experience and know how to get the best bang for your marketing buck when it comes to direct mail and multi-channel campaigns. Contact them now for a cuppa and an obligation free chat.

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