i’m an individual

so make my marketing personal


It’s probably no real surprise that personalisation can increase your marketing response rate, but by exactly how much may depend on the type and extent you go to.

We know that simply addressing a letter to an individual will give you a 99% chance of being opened, but if your data allows for it, what about personalising your imagery, content and layout?



why personalise?

your relationship

Your relationship with a customer is in some ways similar to your relationship with a friend or loved one. The more you demonstrate an understanding of who they are, the better response you’ll get to your requests.

suggestive selling

What better way to suggest new products or services than by leveraging off what the customer has already purchased?

let the numbers talk!

Let’s look at the stats when it comes to personalising your direct marketing.
By addressing a customer with their name, and providing personalised content and imagery, you stand a good chance of gaining their custom, as well as their loyalty.

Customers will feel like to you actually know them, which will go a long way to improving your relationship.


  • Open Rates for individually addressed mail – 99%
  • potential increase in response with personalised DM – 30%
  • Improved click through rates on personalised emails – 14%
personalisation in printing

printing technology

Today, print doesn’t need to be static, in fact, research tells us the more personal you make your marketing, the better engagement and response you’ll achieve. But don’t just limit yourself to personalising the address block and salutation, digital printing technology combined with xMPie software can bring your images to life.

personalisation in mail

direct mail

Would you expect your twentysomething customer to engage with the same imagery and content as your fiftysomething customer? Should your offer to women be different to your offer to men?

Often, many brands have gender neutral products or appeal to customers spanning multiple generations, but don’t fall into the trap of making your marketing homogeneous. Artwork versions are an easy way to resonate with different segments of your marketing within one campaign.

personalisation in digital

and landing pages

Personalised landing pages and emails are a great way to confirm the details you already know about your customers, and persuade them to give you more.

The more data you can collect on your customer, the more value you can add to your relationship with them.


Where we can help

Princtcraft, in conjunction with xMPie, has established the PIVOT solution.  PIVOT is a collaboration of technology and software, designed to use your existing customer data to execute engaging and responsive, personalised marketing campaigns.

It’s the automation of PIVOT that makes personalisation easy, removing the hassle of continuously cleansing and updating your customer data, managing multiple artwork versions, and monitoring a timely execution across the channels.


Personalise letters, postcards or self mailers. With an Australia Post accredited Mail House we’ll make sure it’s managed correctly.


Personalise and link both print and digital components of your campaign. It’s the best way to increase your return.


Customise templated artwork. Business cards, postcards, gift or name tags.


Make every print different. For short to medium print runs with no impact on quality or finishing.


The perfect opportunity to verify what you already know about your customers, and collect even more valuable data.


Personalise content and images to suit your market segments or individual customers.

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