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PIVOT is an easy to use, custom built, online marketing solution.

Driven by templated artwork, it automates and simplifies many of the repetitive, day to day print and digital requirements, for today’s busy marketers.

The site boasts three distinct platforms. Independant, or in conjunction with each other, they offer a one stop solution for print, logistics and multichannel needs.

why pivot?


Save time with a one stop, automated marketing solution. With three integrated platforms, PIVOT combines everything into one easy to use, customised portal. 


Eliminate unnecessary creative and production costs. Edit and customise your artwork with PIVOT’s static and dynamic templates. 


Maintain quality, colour and brand. Lock down the important elements of your artwork to control the quality and consistency of your product.


Create regularly used, trigger based, multichannel campaigns. Include direct mail, letterbox drops, email, SMS and personalised landing pages.

the platforms

The site boasts three distinct platforms. Independent, or in conjunction with each other, they offer a one stop solution for print, logistics and multichannel needs.



Web2Print solutions are nothing new. Successfully implemented they help standardise and automate many day to day printing requirements. As an integral part of the PIVOT portal, this platform uses static and dynamic templates to create artwork. From here it’s simple, choose a product, set a quantity, edit, proofs and order. This platform is perfect for business cards, flyers and regularly used products with a consistent layout.




Logistics and distribution integrate seamlessly with the Web2Print module. Take advantage of bulk ordering and store both printed collateral and merchandise at our secure, central CBD location. Order when and what you want, and distribute to single or multiple locations.





The platform that makes PIVOT unique from all other portals, multichannel. This site enables you to build and execute trigger based, multichannel campaigns. Include addressed and unaddressed mail, emails, landing pages and SMS communication. Take your marketing to the next level with an automated, multichannel solution.


the solution for busy marketers.



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the pivot process

How does the process work? Check out the steps to marketing automation.

1. consult

Each PIVOT site is built to suit the needs and requirements of the customer, so a thorough consult and understanding of your business is an imperative starting point.

2. design

Once we’ve all agreed on the modules and functionality, artwork templates need to be created and supplied in Adobe InDesign. These can be produced by your design team, or ours.

3. build

It’s then over to our PIVOT gurus to build and automate your site. This is where include your custom resporting, billing and privacy functionality.

4. automate

We’ll provide the final training and support to launch your team into PIVOT’s automated print, logistics and multichannel platforms.

All you need is a browser.
Register for our demo site and take a better look at the options and functionality of Printcraft PIVOT. Or contact us for a personalised demo.