What is Web2Print Automation?

Web2Print solutions are nothing new. The broadly used term describes the practice of ordering printed products online, generally through customised portals, hosted by technology savvy printing companies.

Usually they involve templated artwork that can be stored, edited and instantly proofed, before selecting a final quantity and sending your order off into cyberspace.

Many printing companies have jumped on the ‘online’ bandwagon. Why? Not only does it provide the 24 hour service solution consumers now demand, but it helps keep costs down in this highly competitive industry. The more hands that touch a product during its manufacturing process, the more costly it becomes. Eliminating the front end of sales, estimating and planning takes a hefty chunk off the final quote. 

So do Web2Print solutions have a place in our market? Absolutely, but most print buyers I know never make it their only option.


Web2Print solutions have their place for ‘easy’ products like stationery, flyers and training manuals. Not only are they convenient, but they save time and money for uber busy small business owners, marketing their products and services. They’re also open 24 hours, and many allow you to store and update your asset library of images and artwork.


Printing is still a custom manufacture, and if you’re not familiar with the lingo you may end up with a product that’s not exactly what you imagined. If you need help or advice, or your printing is outside the scope of the ‘basics’ it’s best to engage with a person. Ideally someone who knows what they’re talking about! 

There’s not a week that goes by where I don’t ‘suggest’ a printing alternative or provide advice on finishing, binding or paper to achieve a better result. While you might pay a little more for the service, you’re assured to getting it right the first time.


Printcraft includes itself in the collection of technology savvy printing companies with an online solution.

Unlike the others, our solutions are custom built, B2B or B2C platforms. Also home to a standard Web2Print platform, it performs many of the same edit and order functions as the others, but its difference lay with the inclusion of both a Logistics and a Multichannel platform.

These platforms are a bonus for busy marketers, managing the demands of print, digital and multichannel campaigns. It’s Web2Print on steroids!

In summary, explore online for easy to print products, asset storage or basic marketing automation. If you need guidance however, or are a genuine printing novice, my suggestion is to pay a little extra for professional advice and service.

Printcraft is Queensland’s largest privately owned printing company. We specialise in the design, print, mail and logistics. For more information on on our services, or to request a quote, or contact us directly.

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