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Why Direct Mail Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jan 12

We're in a world like never before. With ever changing parameters such as the latest advances in Ai software and numerous other shifts in the world, marketers are digging deeper than ever to engage and resonate with their customers.

While many have opted for the 'go-to' digital route, we're also seeing a resurgance in mail as a highly effective channel for communication.

What is Direct Mail?

Often confused with the clump of supermarket catalogues crammed in your letterbox, Direct Mail is more focused and personalised. It's two most distinguishing characteristics are that it's being delivered by Australia Post and addressed to your customer by name - meaning it not only ends up in the right hands but, according to Australia Post, it has a far higher certainty of being opened.

Why Millennials love Direct Mail

For all the marketers out there nodding, while silently thinking mail just isn't the right channel for their audience - let me tell you why you're wrong. Plain and simple - we take notice and remember what we do not regularly experience.

For Millennials, even Gen Y, the days when everything from bills to birthday cards arrived in the letterbox is now an urban myth, sadly replaced by hundreds of impersonal messages overloading our inbox. It's no wonder these generations respond so well to direct mail. According to an article published by Forbes, 77% of millennials 'pay attention to' and are more likely to 'read and show their mail to others' than any other generation - and why not - it's rare vintage chic.

What about the ROI on Direct Mail?

Conversion and ROI naturally depend on more than just the channel, but Neopost is confident that including direct mail into a campaign can boost results by a whopping 12%. It seems fair when you understand its brand recall is 31% higher than for digital channels - with the average lifespan of an email being just 2 seconds.

We also know, when it comes to magazines, catalogues, coupons or sensitive detailed communication, Australians prefer to receive it as physical mail. It seems we are more likely to keep and refer to the content again at a later date this way.

Consumers are understandably oversaturated by digital communication. Since Covid, isolation has increased and changed our usage of social media, and who hasn't noticed their own inbox bulging with more offers and incentives than we can currently afford?

Now, more than ever, our messages must be noticed and remembered.

With Australian's having received fewer pieces of personally addressed mail, it’s time to take the 'road less travelled'.

Mail is not only something we experience less often but as studies have revealed it gives consumers the psychological benefits of feeling more valued and important.

Printcraft is a full service, Australia Post certified bulk mail house, specialising in all aspects of direct mail marketing. If you would like to understand more about using mail as a platform for your communication needs, contact one of our experts now.

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