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Green Mail Bags

Did you know Printcraft offers a compostable alternative to plastic mailbags?

If you want to send an Eco-Friendly Unaddressed Mail Campaign, our BioBag polybags are the perfect choice. They break down anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, with no toxic or microplastic residues.

Why choose our BioBag option?

Here are a just a few good reasons -

  • 100% Compostable Certified

  • Sustainable alternative to plastic

  • Innovative - zero waste

  • Earth Friendly and NO toxic residues

  • Australian Made

We source our compostable mailbag film from an innovative company that manufactures right here in Australia.

Many consumers are under the mistaken impression that Degradable products are good for the environment and decompose. However, as you can see, they still leave microplastics in the environment contributing to microplastic pollution, which has negative implications for ecosystems and wildlife.

The Mater-Bi resin used to make BioBag’s films is certified by various certification bodies in accordance with the main European and international standards. These include the European Standard EN 13432, the US Standard ASTM D6400, and the Australian Standard AS 4736.

In summary, compostable plastics are designed to fully break down into natural components and contribute to soil enrichment, while degradable plastics break down into smaller fragments over time but may not fully integrate into the environment. It's important to consider the proper disposal and processing of these plastics to minimize their impact on the environment.

Let's work together by making small changes that lead us towards a Sustainable GREEN future for Print & Mail.

Choose BioBags for your next Unaddressed Mail Campaign, and remember, Printcraft is FSC Certified, so you can also use Eco-Friendly FSC Recycled or FSC Mix paper stocks.

If you're ready to make the positive change to GREEN mailbags or you'd like to find out more about FSC certified papers, talk to the friendly team at Printcraft today.

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