A group of happy designers working on a print design with colour swatches and a laptop on the desk


print design

We're supporting the Design & Marketing communities with resources for preparing Print-Ready Artwork.

This helps to reduce pre-press time, reduce reprints and optimise the production process of print projects. More useful resources are added each month.

All resources, including templates and keylines, are free to download and use. Please following the link below to gain access to this exclusive content. 


A screenshot of a downloaded InDesign keyline template from Printcrafts Resource Library

Whether you're in a hurry or just learning to prepare print-ready files, our templates let you hit the ground running when designing for print. 


Once section of Printcrafts extensive Die Knife / Keyline Library covering an entire wall

The average knife for a die-cut project is around $300. We have over 1000 Knives that our clients can use for free and save on the cost of a new one!


A screenshot of a InDesign tutorial explaining how to set up bleed, trim and crop marks.

From Print Design 101 through to Advanced Tutorials, we are adding more content each week to help our clients produce Print-Ready Artwork