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Impress Your Clients With These 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated: May 19, 2020

It’s our favourite time of the year, moving into the warmer temperatures and spreading festive cheer amongst people who mean the most to us. 

Christmas has become the perfect opportunity to show our clients how much we care and appreciate their business. We love helping businesses come up with creative and personalised gift ideas for their clients.

1. 2020 Calendars 

Given the noise and demand of digital in 2019, printed, branded and bound calendars for the new year takes the guesswork out of your client’s personal organisation options. Calendars can be completely customised and developed into an authentic gift idea that displays unique points about your business through 2020 to ensure you remain at the top of their mind when planning their dates throughout the coming year. 

2. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a business’ essential this gifting season. Cards open the door to provide a hand-written expression of gratitude to your clients while keeping it on brand and unique. Whether you are pairing it with your customised gift or gifting it solo, the effort of presenting gratitude for their time and partnership in 2019 won’t go unnoticed. It’s also a good idea to have thank you cards on-hand for those last-minute personalised gifting opportunities that weren’t on your list of clients. 

3. Branded Stationery 

Take your pick on high-quality stationery items, personalised with your business’ branding. You might be kitting out your clients with the tools they need to be productive in 2020 or provide them with a small keepsake such as a personalised pen, notepad or USB. The branded stationery option is sure to be a thoughtful and useful option this season. 

4. Custom Gift Packaging 

If you have opted for a more personalised gift idea for your clients but still want to add some branded and professional flair, branded gift packaging is a perfect alternative. As there are very few limits when it comes to printing, binding and embellishing options, we are able to offer a completely custom and unique packaging option to house your thoughtful gift. 

Contact us for more information on the many options we have available to help your Christmas Gift WOW your clients.

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