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One-Piece Mailer: What is a Custom Mailer and How can it Benefit a Letterbox Mail Campaign?

Personalised One Piece Custom Printed Mailer Envelope for Winery Tours & Vintage Wines

Being ‘different’ in today's world is a good thing. Unique shapes and packaging, combined wi­th name and address personalisation will make your mail campaign stand out. In a world oversaturated with marketing, standing out and being seen is half the battle for any campaign.

If you’re not already familiar with the word Custom Mailer it’s the industry term for a One-Piece Postage Item, or "Self-mailer". No outer carrier is required. Secured in such a way that it becomes the envelope, marketing tool and response mechanism all in one. Neat huh? The effective Custom Mailer would replace all three elements from your traditional direct mail pack.

The versatile Custom Mailer lets you start your call to action message immediately, increasing the likelihood of the customer opening your piece to find out more. Whether it is to donate, buy, respond or simply engage.

Further to this, the advantage of a Custom Mailer is the opportunity to design and pre-populate the response mechanism. Imagine how easy subscribing, buying or donating would be if all of your personal details and shipping information were already there? All you had to do was sign and return in the integrated, postage-paid envelope. Mission accomplished!

Mailers, on design alone usually achieve a better open and response rate, but don’t discount the other important elements of personalisation, copy, creative, relevancy and a clear call to action.

Personalised One Piece Custom Printed Mailer Envelope for Gyms Reopening Campaign

So let's recap:

Definition: A Custom Mailer is a single piece of printed marketing collateral which is designed, printed, folded and glued in such a way that it also doubles as your postage envelope. It may also be called a Self-Mailer, One Piece Mailer or a Custom Folding Mailer.

Benefits of a Custom Mailer:

  • Save money - The envelope, marketing piece and reply paid response are all taken care of with one single printed item.

  • Say more - Get more of your message across with the ability to print on every surface from the outside, in.

  • Grab Attention Quickly - Start your call-to-action, attention-grabbing caption or personalised message on the front of your envelope. Be the unique piece that immediately stands out in a hand-full of mail.

  • Connect with Personalisation- Thanks to our digital print technology you can personalise any aspect using your data, from customer names and information to imagery, unique barcodes and coupons.

  • Optimise Postage - In some cased the Custom Mailer can offer a cheaper postage rate.

  • Complete Branding - Every aspect of your marketing campaign is in line with your brand keeping each touchpoint consistent with your brand imagery and style guide.

Custom Mailers are an efficient, cost-effective and often under-utilised way to engage with your audience and Printcraft are your experienced print partners to help you nail your next campaign. Contact Us Today!

Personalised One Piece Custom Printed Mailer Envelope take away pizza restaurant campaign

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