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  • How Direct Mail Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy - With Examples

    This might be as simple as the paper stock you choose, the way in which the consumer opens and folds Here are a couple of possible examples: Paper Stock - While not specifically a Direct Mail project, the Dririder catalogue always comes to my mind when talking about the feel of paper stock. Seeded Paper - Did you know that we can source plantable paper that is embedded with seeds?! Whether it's Basil or pretty flowers this is an environmentally friendly and recyclable paper that may

  • What are the Benefits of Laminating my Print Job?

    First and foremost it stops the paper underneath from cracking. dark solid colours are printed over folded areas, a laminate bonds itself to the clay surface of the paper benefits certainly outweigh the negatives, there are considerations when choosing to laminate your paper The lighter the paper, the more noticeable the curl. What thickness of paper am I using? Laminate or celloglazing is generally only suitable for paper stocks over 170gsm.

  • Offset and Digital Printer Inks Explained

    We’ve explored options for binding, and pro-tips on choosing the right paper stock, but never before Their key functions are to retain colour and coverage on various paper substrates, and most importantly to the charged sections of the drum, transferring your image onto the oppositely charged sheets of paper If you would like more information about the types of ink we use, how they represent on different paper

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  • Request a Quote | More than Ink on Paper | Printcraft Australia

    WE ALSO OFFER SECURE STORAGE for print collateral and merchandise in our dedicated Logistics warehouse. Find out more Request a Quote Complete the form below with as much information as possible and we will be in touch shortly. ​ Why don't we offer instant online quotes? Request a Quote

  • We're more than ink on paper | Our Services | Printcraft Australia

    Request a Quote Our Services PRINT Offset, Large Format and Digital machines capable of producing small to large volumes of quality printed materials. Learn More > MAIL We offer specialised Mail services under one roof handling everything from Magazine distribution to Direct Mail. Learn More > LOGISTICS Storage, Pick, Pack and Distribution of printed collateral and merchandise from our dedicated warehouse. Learn More > DIGITAL Supercharge your Print projects with Multi-Channel Marketing, Logistics Automation and Web2Print services. Learn More > PRINTING Offset Printing ISO Colour Management Digital Printing Large Format Personalised Print Die-cutting Cello-glazing ​ Learn more> MAIL Direct Mail Processing Data Custom Mailers Personalised Mail Multi-Channel Marketing ​ Learn more> LOGISTICS Storage for Printed Collateral and/or Merchandise Small or Large Distribution Customised Online Webstore Pick & Pack ​ Learn more> DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Multi-Channel Marketing Web2Print Logistics, Inventory & Distribution eCommerce B2B & B2C Online Solutions ​ Learn more>

  • Spine Width Calculator | Printcraft

    Did you know that the texture of Uncoated paper can make a considerable difference to the thickness of

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