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Creative Ideas for Direct Mail Campaigns

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Our letterboxes were once a hive of activity. Now, it seems like there’s only the occasional bill, junk mail, and a few snails who make a regular appearance. This makes the timing perfect for using direct mail as a marketing channel.

We already know people open mail addressed to them, and direct mail engages far more senses than digital marketing channels. The complaint often is, direct mail is expensive to produce and deliver.

Here are a few creative ideas for an effective result without blowing the budget.


No, it’s not new, but have you really used personalisation to it’s best? Seeing your name in the clouds might be ‘yesterday’, but there are still plenty of clever ways to make this one engaging.

SELF MAILER.  If you’re unfamiliar, this is a direct mail piece that doesn’t require an envelope or plastic as an additional carrier. They can often be four or five panel fold outs, all sealed with strategically placed glue dots. Printcraft is one of the only Queensland print manufacturers who can produce personalised self mailers.

TIP ONS AND ADD INS.  Tea bags, biscuits, money, chocolate bars, balloons, calendars, magnets – you name it, we’ve included most things into a mailing pack at some point or another. Yes they can be a bit gimmicky, but who doesn’t love free stuff?

OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Recently Printcraft targeted the education sector in a campaign about personalisation. What did we do that grabbed the attention of these tired teachers? We personalised the front of one of the ‘old school’ pencil cases. Not something I’d recommend for a few thousand recipients, but a few hundred is doable.

OOZING WITH CLASS.  Sometimes just plain, old fashioned elegance is a strategy. Pick a lovely paper, add a few embellishments and mail the piece at a larger size than normal. Below we feature an A5 direct mail pack from Jupiter’s Casino.

Printcraft is Queensland’s largest privately owned printing company. We specialise in the design, print, mail and logistics. For more information on on our services, or to request a quote, or contact us directly.

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