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New Year, New Technology. Commercial Printing in 2022

2022 marks 40 years in business for Printcraft. From humble small business foundations in 1982, we've grown to a company of nearly 100 staff across two locations. Offering in-house services from design, print and mail through to storage, logistics and digital services. Despite a common opinion that digital mediums are taking-over print, it is far from dead. In fact, more and more businesses are realising the powerful ability of print to break through the digital clutter and reach the hands of their audience, making lasting impressions and memorable brand experiences.

Investing in updated technology is a commitment to our staff, to continually improve the quality and range of services we offer supports our clients now and into the future.

5 Colour Heidelberg CX 105 Offset Press

The new Heidelberg CX 104 – 5 + L joins our current two Heidelberg presses, further enhancing our ability to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. With a common plate size and operating process, the press room staff can interchange and run all machines giving the flexibility to move quickly every hour of the day, every day of the week.

Our CX 104 in installed with the latest Heidelberg technology and is one of six prototypes released to the world market before going into mass production. Advancements deliver shorter makeready times and greater colour control through automating steps that were previously a manual operation. The CX-105 has delivered exactly what it promised and we look forward to demonstrating the efficiencies to our clients.

SLG 1060C Flat Bed Die Cutter

Current market demands increasingly call for ever-shortening lead times. Not every project requires die-cutting or scoring, but when they do our new SLG 1060 Diecutter delivers on impressive speed and quality.

Running at twice the speed of our previous Heidelberg Cylinder, the SLG technology provides a superior quality as the sheet needs fewer “nicks” to hold the product in position and gives a smoother and cleaner result to the finished product. Cylinder style cutting is based on a modified printing machine with limitations, whereas flatbed die cutter is engineered and designed to cut and crease only.

The SL 1060 can also process a larger sheet size saving double handling before processing. To put it simply, the flatbed is faster and better. Another step towards closing the loop of efficiency and quality in less time for our clients.

Muller Martini Primera Pro-Stitcher

Our new Primera Pro will arrive in March as the first in Australia. Fully automated for quick makeready times, size changes and quality control, this stitcher stands out from anything else in our market today. The average change over times of 8 minutes to go from DL to A4 and run speed of 14,000 books per hour will support the recent installation of our third Heidelberg press and five Heidelberg Folders.

Offering seven stations, the option of a 100pp + Cover stitched book is possible in one pass. Hole punching for Calendars is done inline as is Crash Folding from A4 to DL or A5. Anything from A6 to A3 can be done with ease and in record times.

The MMAP interface provides remote support and diagnostics for troubleshooting from anywhere. Asir 3 image recognition provides quality control in collation accuracy of sections, stitching and trimming that is required for guaranteed accuracy of the final product meeting our stringent ISO 9001 standards.

When quality, consistency and speed at competitive prices is important to you, choose Printcraft. We are committed to continual innovation, improvement and to the future of our staff and clients.

To find out more about our growing capabilities and how we can help you with a tailored solution, Contact Us

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