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Print Finishing

Our in-house Finishing Department is equipped to handle anything from miniature and crash-folding, stitching, sewing, PUR, Burst and Case Binding.

In addition, we offer machine magnet attachment, eyeletting and can affix cards to your printed item using removeable sticky dots.  Our in-house luxury finishing options include Foil and Debossing. We also provide personalised leather / faux-leather / fabric wrapped menu holders and other high-end branded leather items such as key tags. 

Short Run PUR + Case Bound Books


Small volumes of PUR or Hard Case Bound Books can be catered for by our print finishing department. For long lasting, superior quality binding, our experienced binders create books that you can pass down through generations. Finished to the highest standards, Hard Case books are ideal for first editions or archives and can be sold for a premium, while PUR bound books are suited to magazines, recipe books, coffee table books and more. 

Burst Binding


Burst binding has notches or perforations in the spine which allows better penetration by the glue. This provides better strength and durability. They are useful for quality periodicals, school yearbooks, catalogues and other types of general usage publications. They are normally used for publications of 64 pages or more.

Foil and Deboss


For a luxury finish that will catch your customer's eye, and showcase the quality of your brand, we offer Foil or Debossing of your book title, brand or logo onto Hard Case Covers, Fabric Covers or Slip Cases and Menu Holders. We can also foil or deboss small run invitations, business cards or similar items. 

Leather / Faux Leather Items

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We offer custom leather or fabric case wrapped items such as menu holders - complete with branded foil or debossing on the cover and/or spine, and hidden magnetic menu holders inside. Ask us about seeing some samples when you discuss your next project with our sales team.  Printcraft can also produce leather key tags or similar branded items to suit your business.

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