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Printcraft is a certified Bulk Mail Partner with Australia Post.

Our experienced team are here to assist you to maximise the efficiency of your Mail requirements.


So whether you are distributing a Magazine, executing a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign or sending Annual Renewal Notices,

from planning stage to print, personalisation, and data optimisation, we can help every step of the way.  

Australia Post Bulk Mail boxes and Mail cages on the Printcraft Production floor waiting despatch


Trying to stand out from digital media can be like trying to have a business meeting in a busy restaurant. It's not easy to get your message heard, which is why it is increasingly important to be different. 

Including Direct Mail in your Marketing Strategy is a way to cut through the digital noise, and connect with your audience in a tangible form that stands out. 

Printcraft is an Australia Post accredited mail house offering plastic wrapping, envelope insertion, envelope printing and self-mailer capabilities. Talk to the experts when considering your next direct mail campaign.

3 kinds of envelopers for Direct Mail Letterbox Mail Campaign Mailbox Marketing


This rise in digital volume has seen a decrease in the physical volume that's arriving in our mailboxes. 

Delivering your message in physical form is now more effective than ever. And now that you can Personalise your Print, target your optimum Geographic Area, and Measure campaign success it's now even easier to stand out from the crowd.

Printcraft can streamline the entire campaign for you from Design Support, Print, Data Optimisation and Distribution, providing both Business to Business and Business to Consumer solutions. 

Colourful Splash Custom Mailer for Australian Fundraising


The way you package your message provides the first impression to your consumer. So it needs to be perfect!

A custom, or self-mailer, is a postal item without an envelope. No need to include a return envelope, self-mailers can include your message and a return section all in one.

Complete freedom to express your brand personality through colour, texture, shape, personalisation and even the way it is opened. The options are endless, and we're here to help you achieve the impact you're seeking. 

One Piece Custom Mailer printed for Prevue Eyewear Distribution by Mail Netword

This Custom Mailer was able to reach its destination and connect personally with a targeted audience using just one piece of print collateral.

Horse Magazine Distribution through Printcraft Bulk Mail Department

As well as Printing your magazine, we also have the capability to manage your data, add inserts and distribute small

or large volumes. 

Letterbox Mail Analytics

Marketing is a fairly considerable investment in the growth of any business, so it is essential you are able to measure the success and return on investment. While it was once quite difficult to measure the results of a mail campaign, it isn't anymore. 

We can integrate a range of solutions allowing you to analyse the results of your campaign. This enables the continual improvement of future campaigns. Did you know, we can even do a physical version of A/B testing?

This could be as simple as adding a QR or Discount code to your Printed Collateral, or diving a little deeper into the many benefits of our Multi-Channel Marketing solution. A branded Landing Page alongside your printed marketing collateral, allows you to collect contact details of potential clients in exchange for redeeming vouchers, discounts or give-aways.

Australia Post Bulk Mail Partners for Better and More Affordable Distribution Options



We understand how difficult it is for small, and even large businesses, to negotiate reasonable postage rates, source reliable couriers and manage varying carrier requirements. 

Printcraft deals with Australia Post and many other carriers, sending our print across Australia and internationally. We are able to pass on the benefits of our experience and expertise to achieve postage volume discounts and share the benefits of great relationships with our carriers with your Business.

And if you have physical merchandise to be sent with your printed collateral, we also offer a range of options through our dedicated Logistics Facility. 

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