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Colour Correctness. Printing in CMYK.

How do you make sure the colour is right on critical images? Using the latest catalogue from the wonderful team at Sacha Drake as an example, colour, especially when representing clothing or products, is understandably important.

So how do you ensure we, as printers, get the colour right on your products? 

ISO PROFILES. Printcraft is ISO accredited in colour management, which means our proofing, plates and presses all run to these high international standards. We can supply you these profiles so you can correct your images according to how we print them. We’ll walk you through the steps to import and use these profiles in Photoshop. Click here for more information on our ISO Colour Certification.

PROOFS. It’s imperative you see hard copy proofs. These will represent the printed sheet almost 100%. Use these proofs next to your product to adjust the images on screen to suit. If you have any doubts, we’ll run a second set of proofs for you.

PREVIOUS PRINTED SAMPLES. If you’ve printed these products before and were happy with the colour, supply a previous printed sample for our team to match.

PRESS CHECKS. The final step is viewing on the press. You can still make some adjustments here, but only minor ones. Beware that changes can’t always be narrowed down to a single image on a page. We’re limited to the way the job is imposed, and changing one image may impact on others.

Printcraft is Queensland’s largest privately owned printing company. We specialise in the design, print, mail and logistics. For more information on on our services, or to request a quote, or contact us directly.

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