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Envelope Inserting & Plastic Wrapping for Direct Mail Campaigns

What size envelope can be bulk inserted? Why plastic wrap Direct Mail?

Is plastic wrap environmentally friendly? What are Printcrafts inserting and plastic wrapping capabilities?

When it comes to your Direct Mail campaign, Printcraft has a range of Envelope Inserting and Poly Wrapping options. In this month's blog, we discuss the various options available and answer some frequently asked questions about our Mail House capabilities.

Diagram showing the envelope sizes Printcraft can insert during Bulk Mail processes
Printcraft Envelope Inserting Sizes

Envelope Inserting

With our range of automated inserting machines, we can collate, insert and seal your printed items into envelope sizes from as small as C6 (114x162mm) through to as large as C4 (229x324mm). With extensive experience in Direct Mail, letterbox marketing campaigns and our bulk mail partnership with Australia Post, Printcraft can tailor a solution that suits your individual budget, timeline and resource needs. From concept and design to your clients letterbox, Printcraft can assist with any or all of the processes involved.

Printcrafts Barcode Matching - Intelligent Inserting Technology
Printcrafts Barcode Matching

Items can include folded material (Flat for C4), leaflets, DL or folded brochures, reply paid envelopes and also specialty items like magnets, business cards, CDs etc.

Spot Latex Glue, often called a "Glue Dot", can be used to attach samples, special coupons, cards and other promotional or educational items to your Direct Mail piece. The "Dots" are small and easily removed without damaging your printed piece.

Using Intelligent Inserting, Printcraft has barcode driven technology that can count, accumulate and fold multiple sheets according to the programming in a printed barcode. What makes Printcraft’s Intel Inserting unique is our camera matching system, giving the option to match pieces through 2D barcode functionality, from 2 to 3 campaign items.

For example: If your project uses a plain faced envelope (not a window face) and you are inserting a letter addressed (or perhaps personalised) to your client, you want to make sure that the item being inserted inside the envelpe exactly matches the addressee printed on the face of the envelope. When the camera finds a mis-match the item is discarded from the run for hand sorting later.
Printcraft's Intelligent inserting technology uses camera matching to ensure all elements of the campaign are accurately matched.

Barcode Matching for Intelligent Inserting Technology
Barcode Matching for Intelligent Inserting Technology

Plastic (Poly) Wrapping

Working with our partners at Polyem, Printcraft utilises Poly-Wrapping material that is manufactured using oxo-biodegradable masterbatch technology. This product contains an organic additive designed to aid in the speed of plastic decomposition in landfills, called EcoPure®, developed by Bio-Tec Environmental. Not only does plastic wrapping protect your print investment from the elements during delivery, but it also gives your collateral maximum visual impact.

Printcraft offers the capability to wrap up to 6 pieces for mail distribution in a range of sizes, thickness and weights. We carefully consider the unique elements of each project to ensure our clients get the best possible postage rates through our bulk mail partnership with Australia Post. Meeting Australia Posts various requirements can be a complex aspect of mailed campaigns, but we are here to help with over 35 years of experience delivering bulk mail services.

Data Management

With a dedicated data department, Printcraft can provide various services to optimise your customer records and maximise the results of your posted campaign. If required, we can remove duplicates, cleanse data, sort and even apply business rules, such as sending one printed piece per household where multiple people reside at the same address.

Whatever your Direct Mail or letterbox campaign involves, Printcraft is here to help, with an experienced, dedicated and passionate team to help at any stage of the process from concept to design, print, delivery and even storage.

Contact us or Request a Quote to discuss your upcoming project needs or to organise a tour of our Hamilton facility, where all the magic happens in-house. We look forward to being of service to you.

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