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Why Use a Professional Mail House?

Although there are many, many reasons (which we’ll cover in this article) for using a professional mail house, often the most common is saving money. Yes, it does cost to engage the services of the professionals, but the benefits of bulk postage rates often outweigh the processing charge.

Here’s why we recommend using the professionals for most mailing jobs.

Time to Market – If getting the whole team together to collate and stuff envelopes for the weekend is part of your morale-building, then who am I to argue, but processing your mail by hand is time-consuming, laborious and downright boring. Mechanical processing takes only a fraction of the time, and yes, while you are losing those precious ‘bonding’ moments together, your product will hit the market much quicker when it’s processed by the professionals.

Accuracy – Was that Mr Watson’s statement that just went into Emily Somerville’s envelope? It happens, unfortunately, but much much less often with professional inserting machines that use cameras and barcodes to ensure matching accuracy.

Streams – You want different flyers sent to residents in different geographic areas? No problems! We’ll extract the relevant records and create a separate ‘stream’ or section in the mailing.

Personalisation – As we strive for cut through and response rates, many direct marketing fans are making their communication personal, relevant and customised, with mail no exception. Going far beyond simple name personalisation, we now produce and mail content with variable images, offers, inserts and response mechanisms.

Better Postage Rates – To help streamline the mammoth task of processing mail, Australia Post offers a significant discount for letters, parcels and publications barcoded, packed and tagged correctly. While you might save money by processing your mail internally, it will cost you more in postage. Generally, postage discounts kick in for magazines or catalogues over 100 units and general mail over 300 units.

Omni Channel – Create a closed-loop campaign that touches your contact via email and mail. If the email bounces or is unresponsive, default to a direct mail piece.

Data Cleansing and De-duping – Finally, let the professionals work their magic on your data. Minimise your postage costs by removing all duplicate names and un-mailable or incomplete addresses.

Printcraft is a full service, Australia Post accredited mail house. We offer end to end solutions using print, mail and digital channels. For more information about mail processing, postage or any of the areas we touched on above, contact us.

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